Services in Willits

Willits Scorecard

Willits Scorecard

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Services in Willits vary at each school site and are delivered by both school district staff and BRONCO project staff. Evidence based programs and practices are delivered using a continuum model of prevention strategies.


Second Step Violence Prevention Curriculum (grades K-2)
Teachers at Brookside Elementary have been trained in the delivery of the Second Step Violence prevention program. Second Step lessons consist of up to 24 weekly lessons designed to teach children self management skills in the areas of Empathy Training, Emotion Management, Problem Solving and Anger Management.

Botvin’s Life Skills Curriculum (grades 3-8)
Students in grades 3 through 8 receive up to 15 lessons in multiple areas designed to address the risks associated with their age group. Teachers deliver lessons in a classroom setting on topics such as Self-Esteem, Decision-Making, Risks of Smoking, Advertising, Dealing With Stress, Communication Skills, Social Skills and Assertiveness. Middle School levels address additional topics such as Alcohol, Marijuana, Violence, Anxiety, Anger and Conflict Management.

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Willits Project Coordinator

Breaking Down the Walls (grades 9-12)
Willits High School addresses violence prevention and social injustice through this annual three-day program focused on breaking down the barriers between student groups and creating a positive and supportive school climate while participating in activities of self-reflection, leadership and community building.  Students are taught how to communicate with each other and given the tools to deal with conflict.

School-Based Mentoring
The Willits School and Family Services Coordinator provides mentoring support to students at each school site during recess, lunch and other out of school times. Students can participate in activities designed to enrich their out of school time. Students that need support in social skill development are coached and connected to others on the playground.

Youth Speaks Out! Radio Show
SSHS-BRONCO contracts with the local public radio station, KZYX & Z to sponsor a monthly youth radio opinion show. Youth hosts rotate between the three districts to cover the hour long broadcast. Students meet with the radio programmer prior to the show and decide upon a topic of youth interest. Studio day consists of a live broadcast and public call-in discussion.


Positive Behavior Support (preschool-kindergarten)
Our partner, Mendocino County Office of Education; Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) employs two Associate Behavior Specialists trained in Positive Behavior Support methods and evidence based practices. Teachers and parents work together with the Specialists to develop a Positive Behavior Support plan with a goal of increasing school readiness. In addition, brief 20 minute parent trainings called, “A Second Cup of Coffee” are held at various pre-schools in the community and at the elementary school site. Topics are determined based on a needs assessment. Our program partner, Raise & Shine, also provides Triple P Parenting Classes to parents and groups in the community.

Social-Emotional Support Groups (grades K-5)
In a continuum of services to the Second Step curriculum, students that need additional support with social-emotional skills meet in a group with the Mental Health Counselor, Christine Price, MFT, for more intensive skill-building.


Mental Health Individual Counseling
Marriage and Family Therapists provide school-based and community based mental health counseling to students in grades K-12 and their families. Private providers and Tapestry Family Service providers meet monthly to case conference and maximize services.

Substance Abuse Counseling
SSHS-BRONCO utilizes a Student Assistance Program (SAP) model for substance abuse services drawing on the knowledge of mental health providers, school administrators and coordinators. A SAP is a school-based, evidence-informed framework for prevention, early intervention and support services for non-academic issues including mental health, family and other relationship issues, bullying and other school violence issues, and basic life needs, while remaining the primary resource for dealing with substance abuse prevention and early intervention concerns. The Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services team meets monthly with providers from each of the three school districts for case conferencing and problem-solving.